Since there’s a discussion thread on FR regarding names/service I decided to post on it.  In case it gets deleted later, I’m saving that post here:

As someone who had a hatchling named after Hitler by some random jerk, I was dismayed to find that it got through whatever filter had been setup. It made me wonder if there WAS a filter, and if there was just how poorly it was designed

There are some very benign words that are banned (Mulch) while others seem to get through with no issues at all. I think it’s extremely odd to focus so intently on non-offensive words while the names of murderous dictators, or the occasional racist/sexist slur seem to just linger on the site until someone reports them, often for months. When an offensive name is reported, that should be taken care of immediately, not a day or two later. It needs to be filtered into a different customer service category with high priority

In regards to names that are not in actuality offensive but just annoy people, cut that out. A better fix is to allow users the ability to toggle hatchling names on their individual dragon pages. If they see a name they don’t like just change the name of that individual dragon. Spite naming is so rare that it’s better handled on an individual basis, period

One of the biggest issues people have been having with the customer service on this site is a knee jerk, heavy handed, broad reaching policy that punishes innocent/unaware users. The vast majority of the userbase isn’t looking to make the experience on FR unpleasant for everyone else. Random unexplained banning, nonsensical naming policies that require a passive reporting system rather than a simple proactive database query … these are things that need to change. And there needs to be followup BY customer service on what happened/why after action is taken. There needs to be a dialogue, like this one, between your userbase and yourselves, on issues that the community is facing on a regular basis, not just one off bits with months between where there’s silence or “I’m not allowed to talk about that”

Right now there tends to be a black hole where customer service queries/suggestions go to. Like someone else said, there should be transparency, and there needs to be communication. Production schedules, regular community discussion, and interaction on a regular basis ON THE SITE ITSELF would be a great step forward in improving how your userbase communicates with you, and how we all feel in regards to the way this site functions/our overall experience with it

This strayed a bit from naming, but the naming issues are just reflection of an overall site/customer policy stance that needs to change. You need to be less tight lipped, you need to be more proactive, and you need to help users to focus on what they can do to not get banned/reported ahead of sudden swings of the hammer